Features & Benefits

Here you'll find a list of features that our system has to offer and some of the benefits of using our service.

  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • Manage your trackers from any PC with Internet access.
  • No software to download or install.
  • No scripts or databases to set up.
  • Track clicks and impressions in real-time.
  • Mask your affiliate links to protect your commission.
  • Generate free viral traffic with an optional sharing feature.
  • Dynamically edit your banner images and link destinations.
  • Replace outdated affiliate links and banner ads dynamically.
  • Can be used for simple URL shortening and redirection.
  • Track how many times your software or ebooks are downloaded.
  • Track clicks on any hyperlink that you post online.
  • Track clicks on banners and other images.
  • Track clicks on links in your emails, newsletters or ezines.
  • Track all your affiliate links to ensure you use the best performers.
  • Track links to external websites and services.
  • Track clicks on links from JV partners.
  • Track clicks on links in your published articles and press releases.
  • Save time, money and effort by comparing banners to see which perform best.
  • Group banner ads and links together in campaigns.
  • See daily stats showing ad impressions, clicks and click-through rates (CTR).
  • See IP addresses and referrers for all clicks.
  • See how many times an IP clicks each day and over the past 90 days.
  • Optional daily, weekly or monthly email reports containing your statistics.
  • Track conversions and know which ads are creating leads and sales.
  • Reset stats any time you like.
  • Share stats with clients or advertisers by giving them an encrypted link.
  • Export your stats into a CSV file.
  • Pass custom variables such as Sub IDs, email addresses or keywords.
  • Use a custom domain name for your tracking links and we'll host it free.
  • Use rotators to make different ads display each time your webpage loads.
  • Split-test traffic to multiple landing pages to improve your ROI.
  • Generate QR Codes for tracking print or other offline promotions.
  • Many more great features are still to come!

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