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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClixTrac and how does it work?

What is ClixTrac and how does it work?
How can this service be useful to me?
Is there a limit to the number of banners and links I can track?
Can I track things other than banners and hyperlinks on my website?
Can this be used to track clicks on flash banners?
I'm new to this stuff. Will I be able to make this work?
I've signed up but I'm not receiving the confirmation email so I can confirm my email address. Why?
Do you host my banner images?
I confirmed my email address, but haven't received my login information. How long does it take?
I've registered and received my login info. Now what do I do?
I tried to log into my account, but was redirected to an 'Account Suspended' page. What does that mean?
Are there limitations on free accounts?
What are Sub IDs and how do I make use of them?
What is conversion tracking?
What is the custom domain feature that you offer and how does it work?
I keep getting logged out of my account. What's wrong?
Is your question not answered here? Please contact support with any questions you may have.



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