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Earn a Great Residual Income from
the Affiliate Program

Start generating an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part.

By simply placing banners or links on your website, you get paid a monthly recurring commission for every new user you send to us who decides to upgrade to either a Premium or Professional account.

Our affiliate program is free and simple to join. All you have to do is register for a free tracking account and within minutes you will be ready to start earning commission. All tracking users are automatically assigned a unique affiliate ID, which is used to track your affiliate commissions.

If you already have an ad tracking account with us, you're already all set to go! Login to your account and get your affiliate link on the "My Account" tab of your control panel.

Before getting started, be sure to read and agree to our Affiliate Agreement. By participating in our affiliate program you are agreeing to be bound by the terms set forth in that agreement.

How does it work?
Simply direct people to ClixTrac with your affiliate link and start earning money! Each time someone uses your affiliate link to come to ClixTrac, we will tag them with your affiliate ID and track them. If they become a paying user within 90 days of that initial visit, you will qualify to earn a commission for that user. You could receive an ongoing monthly commission for each and every full month that user remains a paying customer.

Do you provide affiliate tracking statistics?
Yes! You will find your affiliate link and a link to your affiliate stats on the "My Account" tab of your ClixTrac control panel. It will show you the number of visitors your affiliate link has sent us each day and how many of them signed up to become users.

How much can I earn?
Your commission rate will depend on which type of ClixTrac account you have. If you have a free account, you'll earn a nice 10% commission. Premium account holders earn a generous 30% commission. While Professional account holders earn a whopping 50% commission.

Our current membership prices are $4.95 for Premium accounts and $9.95 for Professional accounts. So here's an example of what you might earn if you were a Professional account holder:

If you're able to refer only 5 new users a day, you could be earning an extra $387.50 to $775.00 each and every month! Do it again for a second month and you're now earning anywhere from $775 to $1550 per month! Those earnings keep going and going for as long as those users remain paying customers.

Your earnings can also keep GROWING and GROWING for as long as you continue to send us new paying customers! The more you send, the more you earn. So there really are no limits to the amount you could earn with our affiliate program.

How and when will I be paid?
We use PayPal to process our monthly membership fees. Therefore, all commissions will be paid through PayPal as well. PayPal is nice and secure, so there's no worries about commission checks being delayed or lost in the mail. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can sign up here.

PayPal is great, because you can also get a PayPal debit card to withdraw your earnings from any ATM or use it just like a credit card to make purchases. With PayPal you can also have your earnings sent to your bank account with their direct deposit option if you like.

Affiliate commissions are paid on the 15th of every month for the previous month's earnings. Your referrals must have their Premium or Professional account for one full month in order to qualify.

Can I refer myself and earn a commission?
No, sorry, we do not allow users to refer themselves in order to get an account at a discounted rate. Any affiliates who attempt to manipulate the system by engaging in self-referring or other unethical practices will risk forfeiting their commission, as well as, being removed from our program. We run an ethical and honest affiliate program and ask our affiliates to do the same.

If you have questions about our Affiliate Program, please contact us using our
contact form.


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