About ClixTrac
Providing excellent service for over 19 years!

ClixTrac is a banner and link tracking service that lets you manage all of your banner ads and promotional links in one easy-to-use control panel.

Our service can help you get the most out of your promotions by knowing which ads are performing well and which ads you should discontinue.

You can use our system to optimize your ads and increase sales potentials and profits!

Our company is based in the Midwest of U.S.A. and our servers are located in Chicago, IL.

Our tracking system was originally developed for our own media company's in-house use.

We needed an easier way to manage our clients' promotions and there was nothing like it that was available to the public.

In 2005, we opened up our banner and link tracking service to the public and ClixTrac was born.

Since that time, our service has gone global and we provide tracking to thousands of happy customers from all around the world.

Our customers consist of a wide range of people.

From music artists that want to track their social media ads, to affiliate marketers that want to track their most profitable traffic sources.

From real estate agents generating leads for their business, to website owners that sell ad space and want an easy way to share those stats with their advertisers.

There's so many different ways to make use of our tracking service.

Some people manage limited-time promotions, such as ticket sales for an upcoming event. So they like the fact that they can upgrade their account before a large promotion begins and downgrade their account after the promotion ends.

There's no contracts or lengthy commitments to worry about!

With upgrade plans that cost as little as 13 cents per day, our prices are the best in the industry. There's not many other business investments out there that cost so little and can pay for itself over and over again.

We're committed to providing you with great service and have been providing our banner and link tracking service for over 19 years!

We're truly grateful for our customers that have been with us all these years.

We appreciate the fact that you yourself may be here right now considering using our service.

If you're unsure about us, you can always try us out for free and decide whether you want to upgrade to one of our paid plans later.

You can upgrade or cancel your subscription right from inside your control panel. No hassles! No hoops to jump through! No problems!

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